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Ceraminc Eccentric Semi-Ball Valve

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    Ceraminc Eccentric Semi-Ball Valve

Ceraminc Eccentric Semi-Ball Valve

Product Description: 

Ceraminc semiball valve including the general advantage of semiball valve, sealing parts adopts structure ceramic material, with high hardness(around HRC88), ball and seat are machined by advanced ball machine technology and equipment from Taiwan for reach fully sealed. Unilateral forced sealing structure with advantage of good abrasion resistance, open cavity, no block, flexible on-off thus ensure no residual during on-off process, suitable for cut and control of slurry, coal, waterslurry, granule etc
Main Feature:

●Through way: Unilateral seal and eccentric, Ball is away from body when valve open with direct through without block.
●Easy on-off: Ball end is way from seat when open with small torque, flexible operation. when valve closed, semi-ball cut the seat and scratch residual and adhesive for ensure close seal.
●Eccentric structure make sealing face self-compensating abrasion(Note: Drive device limitation must be adjusted once abrasion compensation required), keep valve seal performance with long life time and safe operation.
●Valve is metal seal structure seal parts are abrasion resistant ceramic with advantage of high hardness(around HRC88), scratch-resistance, abrasion reistance.

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