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Tubing Head Adapter SLR-401-2632 SLR-401-2633

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    Tubing Head Adapter SLR-401-2632 SLR-401-2633

Tubing Head Adapter  SLR-401-2632   SLR-401-2633
Delivery time 30days

Spacer 13-5/8". 5000 psi. Height: 24" - API 16A
 C-22 casing head
The C-22 casing head s characteristic is the design has the vertical drill hole to be able to accept one side to skid and the spindle shape drive pipe converter
Hangs Kong Weizhi the place type structure:
Sits hangs the ledge is 45 degree conical surface designs has the best bearing capacity.
Prevents the experimental rubber plug to key on under the pressure.
Manufacture standard:
API Spec 6A; Product standard rank PSL2, DD, P U; Product performance rank PR1.
Pipeline export;
Crustification in one side export;
Expansion flange export.
Drive pipe suspension bar s compatibility:
Glide drive pipe suspension bar;
Spindle drive pipe suspension bar.
Base connection:
Glide welding;
Has the O shape circle glide welding;
Thread welding.
Locks the screw:
Provides has two to contain the screw solid position fixed screw s casing head
Provides has two to use in the spindle drive pipe suspension bar and to send out retainer s complete set locking screw 

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