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Liquid cylinder IBOP 147x260 40B0202012

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    Liquid cylinder IBOP 147x260 40B0202012

Liquid cylinder IBOP 147x260 40B0202012
Delivery time 2-4weeks

Packing / Seal Kit 4"  article  № 30111013-1. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30123440-PK
WASH PIPE 4"  article  № 30123438. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30123438
WASH PIPE, ASSY, 4"BORE TDS, 7500 PSI  article  № 30123440. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30123440
Repair Kit – Soft Seals, lower for IBOP  article  № 30177550-1. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30177550-1
Repair Kit – Soft Seals, upper for IBOP  article  № 30177549-1. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30177549-1
Repair Kit,-Complete, lower  article  № 30177550-2. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30177550-2
Repair Kit, - Complete, upper  article  № 30177549-2. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30177549-2
LINER,STABILIZER  article  № 30125012. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30125012
ELEMENT, FILTER  article  № 30111013-1. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  30111013-1
FILTER, ASSEMBLY article  № 82747. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  82747
Filter Element  article  № 92537-E-216. catalog M611002660-SPL-001  92537-E-216
Blowout preventer repair kit DQ20B WB05B108
BOP seal set 108/84 MB05B108
Tilting ring cylinder seal set 80/ 50 МВ04080
Liquid cylinder seal set IBOP 63/36 MB05063
Ring 250t W03250096
Spring retaining ring hole D=68 B11068
Liquid cylinder IBOP 147x260 40B0202012
Ball valve large pulley 52 T754020201752 T7540202017
Ball valve small pulley 40 T7540202016
Back clamp outer circlip 221/213х7,5 T754020525
Back clamp inner circlip 213/206 х7,5 T754020526
Drill pipe slip 3 1/2" 206 х138х92 T7540205101
Drill rod plate 5" 206 х138х70 T754020510A1
Drill pipe guide ring 3 1/2" 208/150х36 T754020528B
Pipe clamp sealing pin 38х284 lkz CDG 2004,2005 T754020512
Stud pinching nail T754020505 10х64х25T754020505 10х64х25
Pressure plate 8х60х22 T754020501
Pipe clamp pin 38х284 T754020506
Dental plate W05120 120х32х13 W05120 120х32х13
Pipe clamp plate bolt M14х1.5х50 T754020522
Pipe clamp jaw bolt M14х1.5х58 T754020522
Pipe clamp rocker bolt M14х1.5х72 T754020522
Hexagon round head screw М6х8 B02006020
Gear pump HGP-3A-F14R-2B YB040014
China Resources Motor M2JA80M6P YB060.54
Air filter EF3-40 YQ0202040100
Radial seal 140х170х15 M09140
Pair of heavy liquid cylinder assembly 328x108 20010104
Complete set of heavy cylinder seals MB07080
Radial seal 210 M09210
Center tube 85х185 T320103054
Punching oil seal 119х 85 T3201030 55
Punching spring washer assembly 75х 5 T3201030511
Centering roller 90 T23031532
Pressure roller 90 T423031532
Accumulator 100 MB01100
Lubricating oil filter assembly 255x150x127 T23031600
Tachometer 0-250rpm 0-10V 40050090
Pressure gauge 0-60KN.m/ /45Klb 0-10V 45Klb45Klb, two scales 0-10V 40050091
?7-pin connector 10A DT01220000
Slip oil filter for transmissions 115115G YQ0204056
Friction disc 138x80x14 W0605001W0605001
Top drive cable set
Control cable set
Gear 83.5х37.5 T754020207
Transmission filter Fax100x100
Hydraulic filter F63-Hx63x10
Ball valve small roller Ф40/22х26 (Китай)Т7540202016
Speed ??indicator 50050090 (Китай)40050090
Punching pipe assembly T3201030500

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